A Message from Stewart Home School President Barry Banker - Stewart Home & School

A Message from Stewart Home School President Barry Banker

2011 is in the rearview mirror and it was a good year in every way! Our employees provided a zillion hugs and smiles and non-stop happiness for our students!

We are already well into February (I hesitate to mention we have not had much winter – A GOOD THING). For 2012 we will be making a focus on SAFETY, HEALTH & WELLNESS. First priority – our students! Their safety comes 1st. We will always be vigilant as to potential hazards or issues that could put them in unsafe situations. Through Sandy Newby’s guidance, we have already begun healthier lifestyles by changing our daily menus. Health and wellness go hand in hand. To be truly happy, our students need to be happy AND well. We continue to promote good habits and encourage healthy behavior. We praise the little things – an extra couple minutes on a treadmill or around the track, better eating habits and positive thoughts!

The safety and health of our staff are number one priorities as well. Our goal is NO accidents or injuries on campus in 2012. Each of us has to be very focused to accomplish this, but we ALL can do it! If you haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution for a healthier lifestyle, start today. It doesn’t have to be huge. Begin small and work up. Change a habit or start a new one that makes you feel better.

We are grateful for a good 2011. A safer, healthier 2012 starts NOW!