2012 Awards Ceremony - Stewart Home & School

2012 Awards Ceremony

2012 Awards Ceremony

2012 Awards Ceremony

Our Annual Awards Ceremony was held on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. Each year, our Ceremony has grown bigger and better, and this year was no exception! Every student was recognized for his or her accomplishments over the past year, and was given a certificate listing all those accomplishments. We also held a drawing, and one student from each Correspondent group was picked to receive a special gift! At the end of the ceremonies, a few special awards were presented (see list below).

In addition, our Stewart Home School kitchen prepared a special lunch of shrimp, fish, baked potato, pea salad and chocolate mousse! And for supper, there was steak, potatoes, asparagus, and key lime pie!! Everything was DELICIOUS!

Students continued to celebrate their accomplishments that evening with the Awards Dance! What a great day!

Special Awards:

Soccer: Alisa & Alex
Flag Football: Alison & Camray
Track: Kenny
Bowling: Norman
Swimming: Luke
Softball: Rachel & Josh
Basketball: Katie & Patrick
Golf: Michael
Miss Spirit: Jordan
Mr. Spirit: Jack
Miss Panther: Amanda
Mr. Panther: Ben
Citizenship: Kristen & Marti

Congratulations to ALL Stewart Home School students!! And thank you for making it such a GREAT year!