13 Students Vie For Mayor - Stewart Home & School

13 Students Vie For Mayor

Thirteen dedicated students vie for the title of Mayor of Stewart Home & School

The campaigning for Mayor starts in October with students creating campaign posters and campaigning among friends. The big finale, which was carefully written and strategically worked out for months, was speeches by each candidate on Monday detailing what improvements each candidate would like for the betterment of campus life. Voters listened carefully as each student listed why they would be a great mayor and what ideas they had for trips, campus improvements, activity improvements, etc. The candidates never faltered as they charismatically read their speeches to their fellow students. One of the best parts of the whole process was seeing fellow candidates cheer each other on as they were cheered on by staff and students alike. The sportsmanship that was displayed was unmatchable and we couldn’t be prouder.

It continued on Tuesday with voting where every student on campus has the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice.

Wednesday morning, you can feel the anticipation in the air as you walk into the gymnasium for the big announcement which would be made during a school-wide assembly. Candidates walk proudly onto the stage as patriotic music plays and their classmates cheer them on.  It was great to observe all the enthusiasm of our students, candidates and voters, and how seriously they took the voting process. As voters came in to make their mark, some even expressed why they were voting for their candidate and commented on the great speeches.

Each candidate showed grace and good sportsmanship as their names were called out. Each student who participated will play a role in the student government either as council members, secretary, chaplain, music director, mayor, or vice mayor. We want to congratulate each and every candidate for working so hard and showing what great classmates they can be through this process.
Congratulations to Kevin for receiving the most votes and being our 2015-2016 mayor!


We want to share ideas the students had for their platforms as Mayor:




Jenni wants a photo class with Tricia Brill.



mayor 2



Tim wants to put up a statue of Dr. Stewart.






Christine wants to create brain damage awareness on campus.






Sarah wants to encourage students to try something new.






Lane wants to create new clubs on campus.






Francie wants to put televisions in all the dining rooms across campus so students can watch tv together.






Marion wants a swimming pool on campus.






John wants to improve the looks of the tv room for recreation time.






Kaci wants to put air conditioning in the tv room for recreation time.






Kevin wants to have a weather class on campus where a local meteorologist comes to teach us about weather.






Aris wants to help beautify Frankfort by having students pick up trash around town.






Lindsay wants new activities like floor hockey.




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