Employee Spotlight – Myles Young, Director of Media - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight – Myles Young, Director of Media

We welcome Myles Young, Director of Media.  Myles will be the guy with the big smile, snapping pictures of everyone and everything that is going on during Family Weekend!  He comes from a family (he is a triplet– all boys!) of photographers and videographers. Myles is already demonstrating his great skills with a full-page ad for an upcoming Down Syndrome World publication — needless to say, he is amazing and we feel so blessed to welcome him to the Stewart Home & School family!

Myles also received high praise from supervisors and character references, who noted among many fine qualities, his passion for his work, keen ability of putting everyone at ease—one even said they wished they could have cloned him!

Myles is excited and eager to serve our students, and we know we are blessed to have found him.  Please introduce yourself and others to Myles as you see him over Family Weekend and beyond!  We cannot wait for you to get to know him!

4 comments on Employee Spotlight – Myles Young, Director of Media

  1. Rosemarie Dubrowsky says:


  2. Diane Goetter says:

    We’re excited to have someone memoralizing our family member’s fun, achievements, awards, and all that goes on at SH&S! Welcome! We hope to meet you this Family Weekend!

  3. Shaun Case says:

    Myles is an Awesome Guy,Friend and comes from a Great family. You are blessed to have Myles in your possession, he will do great things.

  4. EDWIN MCKEE says:

    Best most photogenic photographer that I been around. We wish him the best in the long run.

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